Hello everyone, I hope we are all well.
Today I have this minimal nail art featuring these Essie polishes from the Essie Winter 2017 Christmas collection. A quick back story, I ordered the full collection in November so I could swatch it for you guys for Christmas and also to give my clients more Christmas themed nail art options but my package didn’t arrive till late January, I was upset but I have come around to using it to create some designs.

My base color is called SUIT & TIED

On a dark skin this can pass for a shade of nude but its actually a warm sandy beige. The formula is very pigmented and creamy but I noticed that when I tried to apply the first coat, I don’t know  if it was the brush or the polish but it was been patchy almost like the brush was dragging the polish and it dried that way so I had to do second coat and topcoat.



This color is a deep blue creme, I absolutely love this color! It totally covered in one coat! I used two coats here because I had some ridges on my nail I wanted to fill. I used this color also for the nail art and it worked well.


I will swatch the rest of the collection in upcoming blog posts, then I will give you my overall favorite but I’m currently loving On your Mistlitoes. I hope you like this nail art and if you recreate it I will like to see it.

Thank you for reading.