Happy Weekend guys!

I have a simple pastel nail art tutorial here, I am sure you would have noticed that I enjoy creating nail art that are different and unique, more artistic than the regular. Lately my designs have been inspired by my love for  geometric art, lines, dots and shapes.

Join me lets create fun nail art. You can try this on your nails or try it on your client’s nails in your salon.

For this type of design I find that a neutral or light toned color is best for the base it’s like laying a blank sheet on a canvas, it allows you use any color for your design and doesn’t cause too much contrast. 

Another tip to creating a geometric nail art design is that you don’t have to fill the entire nail, that’s the beauty of the design.

Just choose your preferred shape (s) or lines etc and layer them on top of each other neatly or away from each other. The trick is to use your nail canvas effectively but not overcrowd it.

My dots didn’t come out as rounded and perfect as I would have like because I used a dotting pen, I would advice you use the regular dotting tool as it makes better dots.


O.P.I  Put it in Neutral for the base

Orly Epix in Cameo

Kiko No. 330

Dotting pens for the dots

Thanks for reading.