Hello lovelies!

As an Artist it is important to constantly search for inspiration or create your own.
For me patterns, prints, abstract artworks are some of my source of inspiration to name a few and from time to time I will be replicating some of my favorite artworks on nails.
I recently found Cassandra Ott who is a New York based artist and designer. She’s also a Gemini like me! 😊 No wonder I was instantly drawn to her works.
Her use of simple patterns to create beautiful, meaningful and colorful masterpieces is brilliant!
I have recreated on my nails two of her most popular flower works and I enjoyed painting every bit of it!

I went a bit crazy with the colors ! haha. I just wanted to try my hands on the different patterns, the best part is now you see how they look on nails, you can choose which one you would like to wear.







If you would like to recreate this you can use any color of your choice, like I said I just wanted to try different colors to see which combination I like the most. I still can’t decide haha.

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